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Aug. 08/16/17 5:46 PM
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Just how important is a photo?

  We cannot stress enough how important it is to your chances of success for you to add a photo of yourself to your profile. Statistical analysis reveals that your profile is 10 or more times likely to be viewed by potential suitors if it has a photo of you attached.

  In addition to the flag in the Search page that limits the search results to dislaying profiles with photos only, visitors are more likely to read your profile because your photo appeared in several other pages of this website in the "Profile Spotlight" program!

Want to go on a Blind Date?

  Think of it in the context of a "blind date"! Generally speaking, you probably shy away from the whole blind date scenario. In this instance, you are simply told by a friend they know someone they would like you to meet and a "date" or "meeting" is arranged. Being surprised because the person did not meet your visual or physical expectations is not a place any of us want to be.

  Regardless of what priority YOU place on this aspect of a relationship, knowing what a person looks like is an important part of the overall credibility of the profile and ensuing conversation. It speaks towards the sincerity of the person also. When you have a photo attached to your profile you are telling the world you are proud of yourself and your words and you are sincere and not afraid to be held accountable. You are not using the anonymity of the computer world to shield you.

What photo do I send?

  Choosing the right photo is also very important. So often, people submit photos that are poor quality or too small. Some have submitted photos that are too old and do not accurately depict your apearance now. We have seen photos where the person is standing way to far from the camera and all you can really tell is that there is a human being in the distance, but not much else. Photos that are visually "frustrating" because they don't really serve the purpose can work against you.

  We further recommend you not send in "staged" photos. Glamour Shots are an example of this. While these are often high quality photos, the common complaint we have heard is that after the person leaves the studio, they do not look anything like the photo. Also be aware, legally speaking, when you take those professionally done photos, you do not have a legal right to display them on the Internet or use them in anything other than for personal display. Technically, to use them here, you would need a signed release from the photographer granting you permission to use them here in a public forum, as he normally retains copyrights to his work and only authorizes the photos be displayed by you for personal use. Yes, believe it or not, that is the law!

  Having a photo, not having a photo, having a poor quality photo or a good quality photo can all work for or against you. It is up to you to put your best foot forward. If you are not willing to make the effort, why would anyone else want too?

  For more info on adding your photo, click here !

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