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Aug. 08/16/17 5:37 PM
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  When a Visitor becomes a Guest by placing a FREE profile here at Tall Personals, they are given an assigned UserID and, along with the password of their choosing, can then log into the Account Manager!

  The Account Manager is where Subscribers and Guests can administer their account; update their profile, read the latest news and manage their messages in the Message Manager. When a user logs in, they are immediately advised if they have any waiting messages. Their active profile is automatically moved to the top of all searches of the date-a-base that would normally produce their profile in the results of any given search.

  Visitors who decide to subscribe to Tall Personals without first placing a free profile also have immediate access to the Account Manager. The best part of the Account Manager is that access to it is FREE! All you need do is place your FREE profile now!

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