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Aug. 08/16/17 5:44 PM
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  We are proud to offer our subscription members only a place to meet and chat in real time. If you are logged in, accessing the Chat Room from the Account Manager console or from the top menu panel is a snap. After clicking the "Enter Chat Room" button, your computer will download and display a java applet containing the Chat Room.

  It may take a couple of minutes to download the 100k applet to your computer, depending on your Internet connecton speed. Be patient. The applet will automatically open and log you in when it has completed downloading.

 The average subscriber uses the Chat Room to rendezvous with another subscribing member as the next logical step from the beginning messages exchange phase of their relationship. You can chat in real time, always continuing to enjoy the safety and security offered here, as the other party still will not have your email address until you give it to them.

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