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The GuestBook, Testimonials and FAQ!
   The Guestbook, Testimonials and FAQ pages are all methods by which visitors and users alike may express their thoughts, questions and feelings about Tall Personals to other visitors as well as to the Tall Personals staff. Below find brief explanations of each section, along with relevant links.

GuestBook . . .
  • Read comments visitors have made previously regarding their feelings on this website. Enter your own comments about Tall Personals! Also a good way for a Guest/Member to attract attention to his/her profile. Guests/Members who are logged in when entering a comment in the GuestBook, will have their comment linked to their profile. Not a place to ask questions if answers are desirable and not a place to contact an individual reader or place a profile/ad!
Testimonials . . .
  • Read about true success stories of Tall Personals's participants who found each other at our special website and "clicked"! Enter your own success story. We would all love to hear of it! It is beneficial to be logged into the system when entering a testimonial. That way certain fields in the form are automatically filled in for you . . . !
FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) . . .
  • The FAQ area is where previous visitors to Tall Personals have submitted questions about our website. If a question and its answer are deemed of real value to all, they are made active and publicly listed in the FAQ pages. This way perhaps questions you may have can be answered immediately and you will not have to wait for a reply from the staff.

      If you fail to find your answers in the FAQ section or the HELP section or the TOUR area, please submit them in the FAQ entry form.

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