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Aug. 08/16/17 5:46 PM
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  The profile's Hall of Fame was created as a showcase of profiles that stand out above all the rest. These are profiles that exhibit the author's sincere attempt at finding their someone special by taking the extra steps to give the reader a true sense of what the author is all about!

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  Often times persons may have difficulties in knowing what to write in their profile. These spotlighted profiles help others that read them to better understand what various types of information go into a quality profile, which in turns enhances the author's chances of successfully finding a meaningful and sincere tall relationship many times over.

  Both subscription Members and Guests are eligible to be selected for the Profiles Hall of Fame prgram.

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Benefits to YOU!

  First and foremost, the greatest benefit you receive when your profile is included in the Profiles Hall of Fame is exposure! Since we are highly selective on what profiles make it into this area, only a small percentage of actual profiles are showcased. These pages of the website are often visited and therefore your profile has additional opportunities to be viewed and read by many more visitors than might otherwise be exposed to it.

  Secondly, you could directly benefit from your profile being placed in this prestigious position by receiving FREE subscription time here at Tall Personals! That's right! Here's the way it works . . .

  Directly below each and every Hall of Fame profile is a "Subscribe Now" button. Any Guest or Visitor who clicks this button directly below your Hall of Fame profile and successfully subscribe's to Tall Personals will result in you being given a 30 day FREE subscription! Each and every time a new Guest or Visitor clicks that button and successfully subscribes, you are given the FREE subscription time.

  Today, one visitor reads your Hall of Fame profile and because of you is inspired to subscribe to Tall Personals. He/She clicks the "Subscribe Now" button underneath your profile and successfully becomes a subscribing member. You automatically receive a 30 day FREE subscription and you are notified via email of this fact! If you are already a subscribing member, 30 days are added to your existing subscription.

  Two days later, another visitor is likewise inspired, clicks the "Subscribe Now" button underneath your profile, successfully subscribes and you get ANOTHER 30 DAYS FREE! Now you have a total of 60 FREE days of subscription time here at Tall Personals!

  • You write an awesome profile!
  • You are selected for inclusion in the Profiles Hall of Fame section of this website!
  • Your profile is viewed and read by many many more people than might otherwise see it!
  • One or more of those readers are so inspired by your profile that they click the "Subscribe Now" button located directly under your profile!
  • They successfully subscribe to Tall Personals!
  • You receive 30 FREE days subscription time allowing you to respond to any and all profiles of interest to you!
  • Process repeated each and every time with same results!
Worth Mentioning

  There is only ONE way for you to receive the FREE subscription membership time described in this program. The inspired new subscriber MUST click the "Subscribe Now" button DIRECTLY BENEATH YOUR HALL OF FAME PROFILE! Within that button is code which identifies to us YOU as being the reason this person subscribed. If that person subscribes ANY OTHER WAY at this website you do not receive the credit.

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