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Aug. 08/16/17 5:39 PM
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About Policies of this Website
  Tall Personals, a division of Internet Singles, Inc., has rules and policies regarding, usage of and practices at, this website. These policies are in place for the protection of the visitor, guests and subscribing members alike.

  Please take a few moments to read all the policies listed in the Policy section and become acquainted with them. We are proud to openly list our policies and rules of conduct. We have taken the road of people over marketing. We are a people based operation and will never sacrifice the special relationship you have granted us for the sake of making money!

  We are a WYSIWYG - No SURPRISES! operation. We do not believe in using various marketing ploys to get you to subscribe. The only reason anyone should subscribe here at Tall Personals is because they have found at least one profile to which they would like to respond.

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