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Aug. 08/16/17 5:38 PM
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  Our Profile Spotlight program is a unique way to draw a visitor's attention to your profile, without them having to do an actual search! When a visitor loads any page at this website, a different photo from the date-a-base is displayed, linked directly to that profile! When the visitor clicks on the photo they are taken directly to the profile to which that photo is related.

  The only requisite to participation in this program is that a person having a profile in our date-a-base, be they Guest or Subscription Member , has added a photo of themselves with the active profile. Photos are displayed in a orderly rotation so all photos are displayed equal amounts of times. Every time a webpage at Tall Personals is loaded into a browser, a photo is displayed and the next photo in the rotation is queued. The photo displayed is the actual photo added to the profile albeit a thumnail version. The aspect ratio of the thumbnail may not be maintained in the scaled down version of the photo, but clicking the photo reveals the full version with the profile. The thumbnail is not actually meant for review, but merely an "enticement to know more"!

  This is a FREE service here at Tall Personals and all profiles are on an even keel with each other. There are no favorites. Place your FREE profile today! Add a photo and increase your exposure 10 times or more!

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