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Aug. 08/16/17 5:47 PM
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  Here are some helpful tips that might assist you in conducting the most productive searches in our date-a-base. You need only refer to these tips should you decide you are not getting the results you expect when searching for your tall love connection!

- Less is more . . .
  • While numerous fields are provided to narrow your searches to just the right person you think you want to make a love connection with, often times you may be eliminating your real soulmate simply because of one field in their profile that doesn't match your search criteria.

    Start off using just the basic criteria such as sex and state .. . go from there depending on how many matches you get from that search. As a matter of fact, we have provided an extremely quick and easy way to do this, accessible from every page at this website!

    Look in the left menu panel and see "Quick Search" . . . simply clicking the default settings and you will get all the ladies in the database in Florida! Select your state or province to narrow the results to all the females who reside in your chosen state!
- Priority Searches . . .
  • Should you have special desires or needs that are the priority over other considerations that your future special someone absolutely MUST meet, use any one of the other more specialized fields. For example, if it is MOST important to you that your date is willing to relocate, select "Yes" in the "Will Relocate" field, along with the gender of preference(always mandatory). If any of the other fields are the priority to you, select them and the gender for your results.
- Instant "Profile Spotlight" Searches . . .
  • You have probably noticed profile photo's being displayed in thumbnail form throughout this website in one page or another. As a matter of fact, a photo appears in every page in the left panel. This is our "Profile Spotlight" program! This program is designed to encourage our advertisers to place a photo with their profile. Click on any thumbnail photo and you go directly to that person's profile. How much easier can THAT be? Read more about the PS program by Clicking Here
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