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Aug. 08/16/17 5:38 PM
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Send to a Friend program
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  While browsing profiles here at Tall Personals, you may on occasion notice a profile that you believe would be of interest to someone you know. We have developed an easy way to communicate this profile to your friend.

  Directly below the profile details you will notice a button that reads "Send to a Friend". Clicking this button while viewing the profile you wish to pass on, you will be taken to a form. This form will allow you to enter your friend's name and email. If you are logged into the system , your name and email will already be filled in for you, otherwise there will be fields for your name and email as well.

  After submitting this form, an email will be generated from you to your friend. In the email will be a link directly to the profile you wish to pass along. It is just that simple!

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