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  Subscribing to Tall Personals is easy. Click here to begin the two-step process. The first steps involves simply reading about the website and the signup process itself. You will need to decide which of the several plans available best fits your needs.

  Contacting profiles and chatting in the Tall Personals Chat Room are the two primary reasons to subscribe. We encourage all who are interested in subscribing to first identify a profile which you wish to actually contact. Search all the active online profiles in our date-a-base for FREE! Making a love connection is no easy task as life has become ever more complicated.

  We here at Tall Personals attempt to bring tall singles in search of love, dating and romance together in a safe and worry-free environment. Identifying a profile of interest will not only allow you to immediately make contact with a potential love connection but also adds value to your subscription in that you will not be using your purchased time for searching but actually making contact right away!

  The second step in the subscription process involves completing a short form with your pesonal information that we will never reveal to anyone. For more info please read our various policies concerning privacy etc. If you choose to subscribe using a credit card, we accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express. You will need to have your credit card handy to enter into our secure form for a totally safe and secure online transaction. Once your credit card is approved you can immediately begin your journey towards contacting your someone special!

  You may also opt to submit your payment using a check via the US Mail! Complete instructions are given to you after you submit the registration form. You are also emailed these instructions with your confirmation email sent out to you after the registration process is complete. For more info see our HELP page or our Subscribe Now page!

  If you are currently a Guest and have a FREE profile online, please log in using the Log In form in the left menu panel, as being logged in will help your subscription process by automatically completing some of the subscription form for you. You'll want to have a profile online so that in addition to subscribing to Tall Personals and making contact with others, others can read about and make contact with YOU!

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