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Aug. 08/16/17 11:54 PM
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Click the "Begin" button below to achieve the relationship you desire. Once you have submitted your personal ad (profile), it will be verified. After verification, your personal ad (profile) will be placed on the Tall Personals web site and you will receive an e-mail confirmation within 24 hours.

In this confirmation email, you will be advised of your special UserID, along with the password you entered here. These will be necessary to log into this website as a Guest/Member on your next visit! If you do not receive an email confirmation saying your personal ad has been accepted, notify us at Info !

If any of your personal information changes and you want to modify your personal ad, just log-in and your account manager contains a UPDATE YOUR PROFILE option which allows you to update much of the info you originally entered.

We want to remind you that NO married persons, e-mail addresses, improper language or vulgarity, real addresses or telephone numbers, personal contact info including, but not limited to, InstantMessage screen name or ICQ ID numbers may be entered into the fields describing you and what you are seeking! We reserve the right to alter, edit or delete any profile entered into this system for any reason we deem valid.


Once your personal ad (profile) is submitted and accepted, it will be listed on the Web Site indefinitely unless you either flag your profile offline in the Account Manager or you send an email to requesting to be removed from the system.

All first names, last names, e-mail information, optional telephone numbers or any personal info you have confided and submitted to Tall Personals will always held in the strictest confidence and will never distributed for any reason whatsoever, without your prior consent. See our Policies for further info!
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