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Aug. 08/16/17 5:25 PM
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Submitted 07/27/06
(Q.)I thought there was a criteria for membership, i.e. height F: 5'10", M: 6'2". I find many normal height (5'8" women and 6'0" men) people winking and searching and I can get that on any dating site or even in my own city without a dating site. Why is this happening?

(A.)This website is for tall people and their admirers. Not everyone has the same definiton of what is tall.

The vast majority of people in this database are tall, by society's standards.

Submitted 02/14/06
(Q.)Show me how to converse with people who have contacted me

(A.)While reading a message sent to you from a subscriber, click REPLY button under message. That's all there is to it!

Submitted 05/06/05
(Q.)Would you clarify what kinds of winks/messages a Guest can respond to without joining? Thanks.

(A.)A Guest can WINK BACK and a Guest can reply to Members who send them a message.

Submitted 10/30/04
(Q.)How do I email from my @tallpersonals address? I can't seem to figure that out. To another email, not to one in your system.

(A.)IN order to make your mail come FROM your Tall Personals free emaikl address, you weould need to comfigure what may be referred to as an additional PERSONALITY or some equivalent in your email client of choice. For example, Eudora calls them PERSONALITIES . . .

Then you have the choice to select your FROM address when sending out emails. Consults the HELP or docs for your email client for further instructions.

Submitted 10/17/04
(Q.)I am a widow. How do I search other widows?

(A.)Sorry . . wee do not offer any search criteria based on marital status . .

Submitted 09/29/04
(Q.)how do I submit my favorites?

(A.)Click the ADD TO FAVORITES button at the top of each profile page you view. You must be logged in of course.

Submitted 05/25/04
(Q.)somebody sent me a wink and I got an email about it, but accidentally erased that email before i could get to it. how do I find out who winked me?

(A.)The original Wink may still be in the MY WINKS manager . . . they scroll off the system after 30 days . . .


Submitted 11/18/03
(Q.)you state on the home page that membership if free to those who are already TCI members in good standing...I am, how do I go about establishing this?

(A.)Please click TALL CLUBS in the Account Manager!

Submitted 09/16/03
(Q.)1. Where does one log in? 2. How do I see my profile?

(A.)The log in form is in the left menu panel and only appears if you are NOT logged in . . . if you are looking at a cached page from a previous session and believe you are not logged in even though it says you are, simply click RELOAD in your browser for a fresh copy of the page . . .

Always clear your browser's cache regularly . . .

You can view your profile by clicking SHOW MY PROFILE in the Account Manager . . .

Submitted 07/16/03
(Q.)Am I too old to belong? I am in my 60's. Just tell me and I'll try something else. I'm pretty and talented and witty and fun and slender as well. But . . .

(A.)No you are not too old . ..!

Submitted 07/12/03
(Q.)how can i enter to the chatroom

(A.)You must be a subscribing member to enter the chat room . . .

Submitted 06/23/03
(Q.)would you please stop sending me new profile in my email who have joined......ty

(A.)Click NOTIFICATIONS in the Account Manager and remove the settings you made for notifying you of new profiles.

Submitted 06/21/03
(Q.)Please just send me profiles of men that I might be interested every three day please.

(A.)Please click NOTIFICATIONS in the Account Manager after logging in!

Submitted 06/20/03
(Q.)I must have missed something, and I am in too much of a hurry to search for it now. My question is: "How does the free e-mail work?"

(A.)Please click ABOUT FREEMAIL and/or GUIDELINES from within the FreeMail manager; accessible from the Account Manager after logging in.

OR click the big freemail starburst on the top(home) page of the website for all the info.

Submitted 06/14/03
(Q.)Is there any way to know if a sent message, while confirmed as having been received, has in fact been read by the recipient, or is that information not recorded?


(A.)The date indicating a recipient has received a message is the presumed date they read it. Received means they clicked on the link that opened the message. The message is then presented for them to read. We can do no further.

Submitted 06/12/03
(Q.)I am new to this. I sent an email to someone, if they send me a message back, will it come thru your site or will it go to my regular email? anks Mary Ann

(A.)All messages are stored, accessed and managed in the Mail Manager, accessible from the Accout Manager.

Submitted 06/11/03
(Q.)Can I use (just a little) HTML in my profile? I would restrict myself to the occasional emphasis and a few words in italics, nothing else.

(A.)Please do not use any HTML in your profile!

thanks . .

Submitted 04/22/03
(Q.)How do I close my account

(A.)Log into the Account Manager and click REMOVE PROFILE!

Submitted 03/02/03
(Q.)i accidently deleted a profile that was sent to me instead of clicking on reply, is there a way to get it back?

(A.)Sorry . . .no!

Submitted 02/13/03
(Q.)What is a cached webpage and how does it effect me?

(A.)Are you having trouble such as . .

1. Sending messages to profiles . . . you are a SUBSCRIBED PAID MEMBER and when you try and send a message you get a response page that advises you to either log in or only subscription members can send messages!!

2. You just subscribed and when you tried to send a message the same thing as described in 1. happens??

If so, read on . . .

Believe it or not, the problem is on YOUR end!! The problem more than likely is that your browser is using cached pages in some or all page changes you make!

What is a cached page, you may ask?

Whenever you visit a webpage on the Internet, your browser's configurations(by default) store that page in a little storage place on your local hard drive we call cache(pronounced CASH)!

When you click a link, your browser first looks in your cache to see if it has a copy of the page you are requesting when you clicked that link.

If it has a copy, because you have visited that page previously, it displays that page, as opposed to getting a fresh page from the website server.

Now, what has happened is your browser has stored that page that you viewed previously as a GUEST! So that page regards you as a Guest and directs your request to send a message to another page advising you of the need to be logged in or become a member!

How do you fix this problem?

What you need to do is CLEAR YOUR CACHE!

The best way to do it is to follow these instructions . . .

1. Log OUT from the website if you have already logged in! If you see a LOG OUT button in the left menu panel CLICK it and click subsequent log out button if it is visible!

2. Go to another website on the Internet . . . ie.

Click Here

While at another website, CLEAR YOUR CACHE! Do you know how? In Internet Explorer, find the TOOLS pull down menu in top panel and pull down to INTERNET OPTIONS . . . in the first tab you see, towards the middle is a area called TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES!(cache)


You may also want to check out the button called SETTINGS . . . this is where you tell your browser how to store pages and when to get fresh ones . . . experiment with the options there . .. but to insure you NEVER look at a cached page, click the option setting EVERY VISIT TO THE PAGE!!!

These directions may vary a bit depending on your version of the browser. These are only meant as guidelines!

After you have cleared your cache, return to our website and log back in.

If you have done this properly, these steps should take care of your problem.

The second way to fix this is for your cached pages to expire . . . usually two hours or more! Also try clicking the RELOAD button when you think you may be looking at a cached page. RELOAD is supposed to get a fresh copy of the page from the server!

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