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Aug. 08/16/17 11:55 PM
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What's news?
Check in here often to find the latest breaking news at Tall Personals!

01/07/11Website Changes!
This website is under going a transition from a subscription-pay site, to a totally free service.

Not all references to subscriptions have been removed, but we are working on it. However, there is no way for you to pay anything to us, so regardless of any directions, you cannot make any payments here!

We are totally free! Our sole support is from your interest in the ads you may see here.

Please bear with us as we update the entire website; a slower process than we would prefer.

06/12/03Recent System Problems
Please bear with us as we attempt to handle the exorbitant traffic the recent publicity has caused here to our servers.

Going from 300-400 hits a day to 17000 is quite a leap and we were caught off guard.

If you are new and getting sluggish response times, please bookmark our special website and return in the near future when all is normal again.

If you are already a guest or member, please be patient and bear with us thru these stressful times!

thank you for undertanding . . .!

12/29/02New Features
We are happy to announce some major upgrades to our special website that go online today!

We have added, amongst other things, a FreeMail program! Every active profile here gets a free email address!

We have also optimized our profiles database search engine and remodeled our Message Center!

Please browse thru the entire website at your leisure to insure you get maximum usage and enjoy your visits even more!

We apologize for any inconvenience the recent outages may have caused. We are upgrading the database software and it certainly could be smoother.

Shouldn't be much longer and there may be a few bumps in the road yet. We will try and keep them to a minimum and hope you will be patient with us!

05/30/02Server Down!
Sorry to report, the primary server got hacked and the system had to be rebuilt yesterday. Sorry for the inconvenience . . . all should be back to normal!!

03/12/02Key West Weekend Offer!
"Sun & Fun with Tall People!"
We at Tall Personals take great pride in announcing this special offer to our tall participants!

A Tall People's Weekend in Key West Florida!

That's right . . . join a large group of your tallest soon-to-be good friends at the southernmost point of the United States, Key West FLA!

Tall Personals has created an alliance with the Tall Club in Miami, FL. and they have been very gracious to extend the following offer to participants of Tall Personals . . .

All persons meeting the Tall Clubs International height requirements of 5 feet 10 inches or greater for women, 6 feet 2 inches or greater for men and 21 years of age or older are invited to join other tall club members from all over the USA and Canada at one of the best partying Weekends offered within the organization! You would be attending as prospective member status. This is why you must meet the height requirements.

Get complete details on package pricing, itinerary and travel recommendations at the following website:

Click EVENTS in the top menu panel and find the Conch Rebellion Weekend event held from Apr.26 thru Apr. 28, 2002 in the CALENDAR section . . . this is the third annual Conch Rebellion Weekend. They had over 100 tall people invade Key West for the last two years in a row and this year promises to be bigger and better than ever.

After this long cold winter for many of you, don't you deserve a break?

Book your rooms today and fill out their online registration right there on their website! When asked what Tall Club you belong to simply select OTHER and write in the Comments section TALL PERSONALS!

Tall Personals highly recommends this event! If you have never particpated in a tall club event, this experience could rock your life!

Good luck and we here at Tall Personals hope to see you there! We'll all be there!


02/04/02More Website Upgrades!
Put a whole slew of new upgrades online today! Check them out . . !

01/14/02New website goes online today!!!!!
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