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Disclaimer Policy
Tall Personals and Internet Singles Inc. assumes no liability for the content of, or reply to, any personal profile listed on this Web Site. The advertiser assumes complete liability for the content of any personal profile, and indemnifies Tall Personals and Internet Singles Inc. from any claims as a result thereof. The advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold Tall Personals and Internet Singles Inc. and its employees not responsible for any costs, expenses (including reasonable attorney fees), liabilities or damages resulting from, or caused by the publication placed by the advertiser profile or reply to any personal profile.

Advertisers further agree not to post any URL's, email addresses or other non-Tall Personals website information within their profiles. Advertisers agree to post only photos of himself/herself and may use only their own likenesses. Advertisers may not use any photo or image or description of themselves that is not, in fact, their own. Advertisers agree to place ONE profile only on this website.

By using Tall Personals personal profiles, the advertiser of his or her profile agrees not to leave his/her Email address, telephone number, last name, personal/business website(URL), residential address - OR ANY PERSONAL CONTACT INFORMATION WHATSOEVER in his or her personal profile.

Tall Personals and Internet Singles Inc. personal profiles are designed for single people, 18 years of age or older, seeking friendships/dating, email pen-pals, or long-term relationships.

We reserve the right to remove any advertiser who has been found to practice deception or misleads other participants by misrepresentation of any facts. It is the policy of the website that only SINGLE UNMARRIED ADULTS may particpate here.

Sexually explicit profiles will be discarded. We reserve the right to delete, edit or reject ads at any time. Tall Personals and Internet Singles Inc. assumes no responsibility/liability for the content contained on the domain Web Site. Please be advised that Tall Personals cannot guarantee advertisers will respond to responders. Tall Personals assumes no responsibility for the outcome of any meetings/dates. We urge you to use common sense when meeting any stranger for the first time. Please take time to review the dating safety page. We do not assume responsibility for advertisers of profiles or responders actions. All rates listed for services at are subject to change without notice. As a member, the placing of commercial ads for the solicitation of products or services is strictly prohibited.

Failure to adhere to this or any or any of our policies, will result in the immediate revocation of membership and/or particpation without reimbursement of paid membership fee, if any. Once any form of payment is received (electronic or manual credit card submission,check or money order) for any services provided by Tall Personals, no refunds, reinbursements or credits will be issued for any reason.

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  It is our honest intention overall to provide you with a safe, secure and "No Surprises" website in your search for your someone special! Please take the time to read all of our policies so that we are all clear and fully understand each other's responsibilitiessss.
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