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Aug. 08/16/17 5:42 PM
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About Profiles
When creating your profile you'll want to give it some thought. If you do not, it will generally be reflected in the profile itself. If YOU don't give it any thought, why would others?

Below find some useful tips on creating a profile of yourself for posting here at Tall Personals. The better you understand how to promote yourself in your profile, the more likely others are to read it and become interested in you!

First, and foremost-
Make sure your enter the correct e-mail address. An incorrect or changed e-mail will make your personal ad useless

Then try the following tips:
1. Spend some time writing your profile-

2. Exhibit your special interests or qualities. Don't make broad general statements.

Phrases like " I enjoy dining out "-are a dime a dozen. Be specific.
"I love music"- is unclear. Give the name of your favorite performers or the name of your current favorite song.

3. Be a standout not just one of the crowd!!
Be creative ie. one eye-catching ad used one movie title after another to describe the person. This approach is much bettter than "I love to go to the movies".

4. Tell the reader what you want. Clearly describe your likes and dislikes. Do not beat around the bush.

5. Include some long-term and short term goals or special interests. Common goals, attitudes and interests make for a successful relationship.

6. Do not lie about your age - be honest! But if you are fifty and feel thirty say so. If you are looking for someone not in your age give a realistic age range- Twenty(20) to seventy(70) is too broad. While thirty(30) to thirtythree(33) is too narrow. Pick a range that will not make the reader leery.

7. Avoid a mile-long list of characteristics for that special someone. Describe yourself. Let the reader know who you are. If you like line-dancing, or snuggling up to your special someone on a Saturday night; include this detail.

Specific details add color, depth and life to your profile.

Your profile provides the first impression.
Honesty is the best policy.

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