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Safety Tips!
  Tall Personals is not responsible for the outcome of any dates. We are concerned for your safety. Here are some SUGGESTED "Do's and Don'ts" for safely finding tall personal love, romance, friendship, companionship and pen pals.

Throughout this website, we try and lend helping hands when it comes to composing profiles and now on the flip side of that, we will try and tell you what to look for and watch out for.

  • A good profile gives you a fair insight into the individual's personality and something about how they see themselves. It is often times not as important that they see in themselves the same things others see in them; rather it is more important that they are willing to share it with you in their profile.

    Short profiles making statements such as ". . . tell you more later . . .", I am "tall" and seeking "tall girl" are your first flags that the poster may not be sincere . . . If this is all they have time or inclination for, could that also be you fate should you contact them?
  • Posters who attempt to circumvent the system here at Tall Personals by including some personal contact information in their profile in a way that they believe our profile screeners will miss, speaks volumes about their integrity and honesty. Is this really the kind of contact you would like to make?
  • A good informative profile speaks from the heart in what they are searching for in a mate, date or friend. We believe you will know who they are just by reading their profile!
  • A valued and affective profile may not be one that all the words are spelled correctly or all the grammer is correct, but rather that they tried the best they could to convey their message in their search for that someone special.

  • TRUST . . . DO trust your instincts . . . if this person sounds fake or phony, or too good to be true, then they probably are. Look for words that signal a lack of honesty, promises of what the two of you "might, could, or would do" on your first date or slick monologues/dialogues. If you feel strange or apprehensive, then cut your conversation short, and/or end any plans for a date or tall personal encounter.

  • ASK . . . DO ask questions, after all, you are trying to get to know this person for a possible dating, love, friendship or companionship relationship. Ask how you can locate their personal ad or profile online at the site so you can view it.

  • PRIVACY . . . DON'T tell all . . . never include your last name, place of employment, address, phone number, or home address over the phone until you feel safe to do so!!! And never do so in your personal ad / profile.

  • THE KEY . . . Remember you are never obligated to spend time with or to meet any of our single ladies or gentlemen . If you do decide to meet someone for a date, you have the right to change your mind!!!

  • GO . . . DO go with your hunches, never meet someone who pressures or "goes against the grain". . . DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT FOR YOU!!!


  • PAY ATTENTION . . . DON'T overindulge in any mood altering substance that might hamper or cloud your ability to stay alert and cautious. Do pay attention to your suspicions. Don't meet someone if you feel at all uncertain or afraid. Do listen to your instincts . . . if a voice inside says "no go" then find an excuse to end this dating game.

  • SECRETS . . . DON'T keep your date a secret . . . make sure that a friend or family member knows about your date (what, where, when.) Be sure to check in with them when you arrive at the location of your date and when you arrive back home.

  • SAFETY . . . DO select the safest possible meeting place. Do meet where you are comfortable and in a public place where there are other people around (coffee house, restaurant, library, church). Don't meet at one of your homes or places of employment.

  • AVOID . . . DO avoid secluded places, late night rendezvous, hikes, swims, bike rides, etc. in remote areas unless there are others around. Do Not be alone with your new friend be it a man or woman immediately.

  • TRANSPORTATION . . . DO take your own car. . . if you decide to move your original meeting place to another location, you should be secure and independent and make sure you've notified a friend or family member of your new date location.

  • TRAVEL . . . DO try these travel tips if you're meeting out of the area. . . Do arrange for your own transportation. Don't disclose the name of your hotel. Don't let your date make the arrangements unless you agreed prior to your date. Do call your date from the hotel and meet at the location you already agreed upon. ***Always let someone know your plans***

  • PLANNING . . . DON'T plan an entire day together, there will be other times to discuss all the dimensions of each other. Be smart . . . Meet for one activity and keep it simple. Stay away from intense conversations and unwanted encounters.

  • ENJOY . . . DO remember to relax and enjoy yourself!!

  • ASK . . . DON'T interrogate your date .. relax, chat and ask friendly questions.

  • HAVE FUN . . . DO have fun, but pay attention and watch for red flags:
    • displays of anger
    • reassuring or controlling behavior
    • demeaning or disrespectful comments
    • any physically threatening or inappropriate mannerisms

  • COMMON SENSE . . . DON'T do anything you feel unsure about . . . You have the right to say "NO".

  • BE SAFE . . . DON'T stay in an unsafe situation . . . get out of there . . . excuse yourself

  • CALL . . . DO call the police when necessary . . . it's always better to be safe than sorry. DON't feel embarrassed to ask for help . . . your safety is more important than another person's opinion of you.

  • BE HONEST . . . DO end your date in a public place where people are present . . . when the time is appropriate, thank your date and bid him/her goodbye. DO be honest . . . Remember, this person just might be your Soul Mate. You may be asked for another date. Answer honestly. If you feel comfortable with this person, it is alright to say "Yes" to another date. And more importantly, it is alright to say "No" if you are uncomfortable . . . but be polite.


    • . . . BE SMART
    • . . . HAVE FUN, RELAX

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