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Aug. 08/16/17 5:51 PM
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  Success stories are what we are all about here at Tall Personals and we want to share them with you and the world. Please read below about the happiness and good fortune we are proud to be a part of. If you have experienced a love connection or even if you just made a good friend connection and would like to share with your story us all, please click the link to the left and tell us all about it!
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There are currently 12 active testimonials available!
09/21/05 PomWonderful of Placentia, CA USA writes . . .
Who says you can’t find love on the Internet?

Mike and Pommie did!

In December of 2003 we logged on and saw…

Mike and Pommie were married on January 14, 2005 in La Jolla, California

Thank you,!

09/09/04 Jess of , NJ USA writes . . .
I listed my profile and pic to Tall Personals in June of '03. In July of that year I saw a pic and profile of a very handsome and tall man on your site and was thrilled when he emailed me! We started emailing back and forth and began dating a month later. On July 17th '04 (the one year anniversary of his first email to me) he gave me the most beautiful diamond ring and in January of '05 we're getting married! This man has every quality I've ever wanted in a mate. I can't WAIT to marry him...And...I get to wear my highest heels!

09/18/03 christine of islip, NY USA writes . . .
Hi Tall Personals!

Just thought you would like to know that I joined Tall Personals on 12/8/02. On 12/21/02 I had my first date with a wonderful man named Patrick that I met on your site. We will be getting married on October 4th 2003!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Christine

07/02/03 Debbie of Windsor, CA USA writes . . .
I made contact with someone from Tall Personals that I found very interesting. We talked several times on line, then the phone, then met in person. I think I've found my perfect match, your site was wonderful! Thank you, Debbie

06/30/03 Lee of Fairbanks, AK USA writes . . .
I did indeed find my love at this site. After a few nice corespondences with a few women at the site (I have been impressed in general with how nice all the women were even if we didn't have enopugh in common) and one meeting, I met a woman who is in my exact professional field, is beautiful and wonderfully tall! We have met twice now for semi-lengthy vacations and are planning several more. In fact, as I am bewtween jobs, I am planning to move to the city where she lives while I look for another job as she and I are becoming more an more optimistic about a possible future together. I think I speak for both of us when I say that we are very happy to have had the vehicle of the TallPersonals web site as an option at our disposal. Thank you to the site and best of luck and good wishes to all the other peolpe who have profiles here. We hope they find their match!

03/07/03 Ohioguy of La Grange, KY USA writes . . .
Hi. I've been looking for a wife for a long time, but I finally was able to stop trying to look. Well, I came across this site one day and I thought I'd check it out. When I thought that my membership was about to expire, I sent a note to someone on my list. We started to talk, and we seemed to get along pretty well. The more we talked, the more we liked each other. We live fairly close together, so we got to spend some time together. After about 7 months, we both realized that we were in love. I had been praying for a tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed, left-handed girl (I've got this thing for left-handers-don't know why). Well, God knows what He's doing, because that's who I got, with a personality that is better than anything that I could have tried to specify. She is perfect for me. We're getting married in August. Thanks! Jack & Michelle

02/17/03 Always_a_Lady of Hazel Park, MI USA writes . . .
please remove my profile. I met a wonderful man thanks to your website and we've been talking for over 9 months. Thank you.

07/20/02 Margaret of Port Republic, MD USA writes . . .
Hello . . . I found your website one night through the Tall Club International web site. I did a free search just for fun, because until this time I had never done any online searches, and honestly never even considered looking online for a date much less a man to spend a lifetime with. One man really made an impression on me, of course I could tell from his picture he was gorgeous, but it was really the content of his profile that intrigued me. I became a member just to meet him and we have been together ever since (he fell in love with me at first sight). I would recommend this site to anyone and I really would like to thank you for starting this site and providing tall people with an avenue to meeting sincere, wonderful people.

02/27/02 John Anderson of Irvine, CA USA writes . . .
I met someone through your site that is absolutely wonderful in every way. She joined just to send me an email last April 19th. I followed up with emails of my own and eventually the emails gave way to telephone calls. Only one problem, I was in California and she was in Ohio. So we finally decided to meet for a weekend in Detroit. We both got hotel rooms in one of those resort hotels and spent almost every waking moment together. I can remember falling for her that weekend. Attracted initially by her beauty, I encountered far more: passion, talent, intelligence, wit, humor, and a heart that had no equal in size. In the weeks and months ahead I discovered she was an educator deeply committed to helping children achieve far more than our current system's potential. This cause and her passion will forever distinguish her in my mind from anyone else I've ever known. After growing closer in spite of our distance and overcoming challenges and hurdles along the way, I have decided to ask Wendy to share my life. I am flying to see her in two weeks on March 9th to propose, I truly hope she'll accept. I'll keep you posted. After the 9th of March you can use this as a testimonial if you wish. I wanted to thank you and your site for making this possible. I had my doubts as to whether I would ever find true Love, I am so very lucky. Sincerely, John, 33 Irvine, California

12/10/01 Rain of , USA writes . . .
Hi, I was a success story for you. Met someone through your personals and we are happy and in love!! So . . . . thanks! Rain

12/08/01 Steph of Kelso, WA USA writes . . .
I just wanted to say that I am no longer a critic of meeting people on line. I have met a wonderful person from this site and wanted to wish everyone else luck in finding someone as special as I have.

12/07/01 Kristen of Tallahassee, FL USA writes . . .

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